Driven By Passion

Our dishes are made with love and understanding of a healthy life


We're a team of food aficionados

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Marissa Jamies


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Leonna Markfield


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Stan Rockerbell


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Cynthia McKinney


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Naturally Delicious

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Simple, Tasty Recipes

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Eating Healty Is Easy

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Get a chance to meet our chefs

FOR THE DISCERNING GOURMET TRAVELLER There are many reasons to see the world and food tourism is just one of them .I organize tours for small groups of food enthusiasts. I also host food classes with some of the best chefs in and around South Africa. A passion for beauty and connecting, enjoying and experiencing life's tastes and senses in a different and unique way.


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Culinary Getaways is about communicating, connecting , teaching, talking and enjoying the good life through food! In collaboration with Lusso e Gusto (international) I am dedicated to excellence in gastronomy, care and attention. Combining travel with edible experiences, starting at the table with unique cooking classes. Unshakeable focus on guests' satisfaction and attention to detail. All is tailored to fit your needs.

Theresa Fernhout

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